Aqueous Dye Ink
Prism’s Aqueous Dye Inks are filtered to sub-micron levels to ensure a superior manufactured ink. Our Aqueous Dyes offer superior color, high light fastness, and a wide color gamut.
Aqueous Pigment Ink
Our Aqueous Pigment Inks offer outstanding pigment dispersion performance, through the use of our leading edge “Self Dispersing” and “Nano” technology. Our Aqueous Pigment Inks offer superior color, high light fastness, and a wide color gamut.
Eco Solvent Ink
Our Eco Inks are fast drying, virtually odorless, provide optimized adhesion, and are scratch resistant. Our Eco Ink has the best price performance in the industry with impressively high UV resistance.
Film Positive Ink
Our Film Positive Ink offers a density of 5.0. By balancing the humectin level, our chemists have made an ink that is faster drying on the film. Through perfectly blending the colorants we were able to eliminate the yellowing effect, resulting in a non-yellowing ink.
Dye Sub Ink
Our Dye Sub Inks provide the highest possible jetting reliability by using “Nano Particle” and “Nano Filtration” technology. We use dyes that transfer at lower energy, which enables the transfer of more dyes from paper to fabric. This in turn gives your print rich and vibrant colors.
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