Today, many screen printers have the capability of printing color separation film to make screens using inkjet printers. Prism Inks film positive inks are specifically developed to satisfy the requirements for this market.


We have used self dispersing, nanoparticle, and nanofiltration technology to ensure you the utmost jetting reliability.


Our chemists have harmonized our ink formulating and perfecting our film positive inks offering you an optical density of 5.0 or greater.


By balancing the humectant levels, our inks are faster drying on film helping you print with multiple print heads for faster throughput.


We have perfected the integration of colorants eliminating the yellowing effect, resulting in a non-yellowing ink.



Color Separation Ink

Dye and Pigment 

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Product At A Glance:

  • Reliable Jetting

  • Optical Density of 5.0

  • Fast Drying Time

  • Non-Yellowing for later use