Prism Inks eco solvent inks are color matched for most printers, so you can use your current profiles.


We applied higher molecular weight chemistry creating a virtually odorless eco solvent ink.


As well as self-dispersing, nanoparticle, and nanofiltration technology ensuring you the utmost jetting reliability.


Our eco solvent inks will bring you vibrant colors due to our selection of pigments. They will also offer you one of the widest color gamut sets in the market.


Prism Inks eco solvent inks offer a high light fastness that is as good or better than most eco solvent inks used today.



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Eco Solvent Ink

Available Colors:





Light Cyan

Light Magenta


Product At A Glance:

  • Color Matched

  • Reliable Jetting

  • Vibrant Colors

  • Odorless!

  • Wide Color Gamut

  • High Light Fastness