Our direct to textile ink uses self-dispersing, nanoparticle, and nanofiltration technology to ensure you the utmost jetting reliability.


Prism Inks direct to textile inks are color matched for most printers, so you can use your current profiles.


To bring you vibrant colors, we select pigments that will give you one of the widest color gamut sets in the market.


By balancing the humectant level, our chemists have made an ink that is faster drying on film which will allow your printers to use multiple printheads for faster throughput.


Our ink can be printed directly on synthetic and natural fabrics.




Direct to Textile Ink

Available Colors: 





Light Cyan

Light Magenta

Light Black

Light Light Black.

Product At A Glance:

  • Jetting Reliability

  • Color Matched

  • Vibrant Colors

  • Wide Color Gamut

  • Water Resistant

  • Fast Drying Time

  • Prints on Synthetic and Natural Fabrics

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