We are confident in all our inks we manufacture due to our vast knowledge of ink formulation allowing us to create innovative and industry leading inks. We have a thorough understanding of how inks interact among different print heads, printers, media, software, firmware, and more.

Along with many years of experience, we have an impressive array of invaluable laboratory equipment and formulating aids. These tools give us the ability to maintain impeccable quality control, and enhance our formulation of many different fluids used in inkjet application.



In need of finding the perfect ink?


At our ink technology center, we combine cutting-edge technology development with manufacturing expertise to create high performance inks. Our multi-faceted R&D ranges from basic laboratory analysis to ink-and-media matchmaking, jetting testing, print head technology and more.


Prism offers individualized solutions for customers and can assist with specialized projects. We possess the ability to work on small one off R&D ink project through long term, specialist ink development projects.





We approach our ink technology from a system solutions perspective allowing us to create impeccable inks. Our innovation technical team has successfully developed a wide-variety of high-speed performing inks for many printers and printhead manufactures.