Prism Inks uses self-dispersing, nanoparticle, and nanofiltration technology to ensure you the upmost jetting reliability.


The use of ultra fine pigments gives all our aqueous pigment inks a rich and vibrant color.


Our inks use proprietary adhesion promoting resin (APR) technology improving the adhesion and smudge resistance to paper coatings.


We have achieved and improved high light fastness on our aqueous pigment inks by only using pigments with a bluewool scale of 6-8.



Aqueous Pigment Ink

Available Colors:
Light Cyan 
Light Magenta 
Light Light Black
Light Black
Matte Black
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Product At A Glance:

  • Reliable Jetting

  • Wide Color Gamut

  • High Light Fastness

  • Rich, Vibrant Colors

  • APR (Adhesion Promoting Resin) Technology